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Beaudoin, Elaine M. "Biography: Philip J. Sullivan, c1840-1915." Chicago Genealogist, Winter 2012, 39-43.


Your Cousin Caron hosted by Caron Brennan
KK's Genealogy Adventures hosted by Kathy Kult
Zander Family History hosted by Nancy Reese
Colonial Albemarle Virginia Woods hosted by Nancy Stein
Erie and Niagara Roots hosted by Doug Williams
Chez Bray hosted by Michelle Wilson


  The first 90 years : the poetry of Helen Sullivan McIntyre / introduction and compilation by Elaine M. Watson Beaudoin
  Climbing the Irish Shamrock written by Regina Yuill


McIntyre - Sullivan Family History created by Elaine Beaudoin
Beaudoin - Prince Family History created by Ralph Beaudoin
Mike Karsten created by Mike Karsten
KK's Family History created by Kathy Kult

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