2017 CAGGNI Board of Directors

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Board Position Descriptions


Alan Wilson                                   

member since: 9 Nov 2007
President (2016-present)
FTM Chair (2011-2015)
DNA SIG Co-Chair (2015-present)

Contact: president @ caggni.org

Alan Wilson has been working on the genealogy of his family for eight years. He has used various software tools and databases, including Family Tree Maker, Ancestry, The Master Genealogist, Webtrees, WikiTree and Gramps. Alan became interested in DNA for genealogy in 2008. Since then he has tested with Family Tree DNA and Ancestry, and he has used DNA comparisons on Family Tree DNA, DNAGedCom, GedMatch, Y-Search, YBase and Ancestry. 

A member of CAGGNI since 2008, Alan is currently the co-leader of the DNA Special Interest Group (2015- present). He is a regular contributor to the CAGGNI monthly newsletter and a past leader of the Family Tree Maker Special Interest Group (2011-2015). Alan left Harris Corp. in 2015, where he held a senior technical position in radio systems and telecommunications. He lives in Long Grove and is married to Past President Michelle Bray Wilson. 


Nancy R. Thomas                           

member since: 1 Aug 2007
Past President (2016-present)
President (2014-2015)
Program Chair (January-June 2014)
GeneaQuest 2014 Conference Chair (2013-2014)
Vice President (2013-2014)

Contact: pastpresident @ caggni.org

Nancy has been searching for her ancestors and her husband's for over 30 years. She published The Roeser Family: Ancestors and Descendants for a family reunion using Family Tree Maker software. Nancy has enjoyed traveling to her ancestral homes in Ireland, England and Germany, as well as other parts of the world. She is especially interested in pre-fire Chicago history. Her case study on Irish research has been presented at several genealogical society meetings in the area, including CAGGNI.

A retired Professor/Reference Librarian at the College of DuPage, Nancy was President of the DuPage County Genealogical Society from 1979-1981 and 2009-2013.

Lynda Roddy Ozzauto

Member since: 05 Jan 2015
Vice President/Program Chair (2016-present)

Contact: vicepresident @ caggni.org; programs @ caggni.org

Born and raised in Chicago, Lynda began her hunt for her ancestors during a trip to Ireland in the spring of 2014. Her ancestors are mostly Irish, with a bit of English thrown in. While she thought that should make the research easier, she’s found that all the men are John, Michael and Patrick, and the women are Mary, Bridget or Catherine!

Lynda has a B.A. in art and has taught painting, drawing and design courses at private art schools and Columbia College in Chicago. Her work is in collections at Loyola University School of Dentistry, Walgreens and Chicago Mercantile Exchange. She currently works at Columbia College as part of an academic advising team in the Fashion Studies Department.

Larry Olson

member since: 31 Dec 1994
Promotions and Publicity (2015-present)
Secretary (2013-2014)
Membership Chair (2003-2005)
Genealogy Mentor (2002)
Program/Publicity Chair (1999-2001)
President (1996-1998)

Contact: promotions @ caggni.org; fundraising @ caggni.org

Larry Olson is a Minnesota native who has been doing family research since the early 1970s, when a grandmother told him he was related to John Philip Sousa. He has never proved that legend, but he's discovered a lot of other things and had a great time doing it (Norwegians and Germans on his side, and Swedes and Revolutionary War on his wife's). He hopes that one day someone in his immediate family will appreciate all the work he has done (while he was neglecting them for dead relatives and dusty old records...). Larry works for the IRS Crime Lab as a forensic document examiner.

One of Larry's proudest accomplishments was presiding when CAGGNI was born. The group had been created several years before as the Northern Illinois Personal Ancestral File User's Group (NIPAFUG) at the Schaumburg LDS Church. Because of increasing diversity of genealogical interests, the group decided to expand its scope and became the Computer Assisted Genealogy Group of Northern Illinois, or CAGGNI.


Jacquie Schattner

member since: 19 Mar 2011
Secretary/Archivist (2015-present)

Contact: secretary@caggni.org; archivist@caggni.org

Jacqueline Krieps Schattner has been actively researching her family’s ancestors since 1996. She volunteered at the Family History Center in Schaumburg for 15 years, teaches genealogy for Districts 211 and 214, teaches beginning genealogy at area libraries and is active in several genealogy societies.

Jacquie received her B.S. degree from the University of Illinois. She works as a school secretary, allowing her free time in the summer to pursue new information. Living in Palatine, she has been happily married for 35 years, has three grown children and two sons-in-law and four adorable grandchildren.


Robert G. Allen

member since: May 2014
Treasurer (2015-present)

Bob has been conducting his genealogy research for more than 30 years. Beyond recording names, dates and places, he has focused on how his ancestors and relatives lived their lives – their work, community involvement, beliefs, memberships and politics. He has over 100,000 people in his database.

Bob received a B.A. in Political Science and a M.B.A. from the University of Kansas – Lawrence, plus a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law. He held a number of executive positions with Container Corporation of America and Baxter Healthcare Corporation.

A past president of the Institute for Continued Learning at Roosevelt University in Schaumburg, he has led many study groups – including Chicago and Illinois history, Secret Societies, Genealogy, Investing, Preparing for the End, Neat Internet Sites, The Romans, Notable Women and Old Time Radio.


Rose Lehne                                      

member since: 2011
Newsletter Editor (2015-present)

Contact: newsletter @ caggni.org

“Addicted” to genealogy for the past five years, doing it for 20, Rose enjoys making the connection to her ancestors and finds researching new clues, continuing education, teaching and technology rewarding aspects of family history research. She often shares her stories with family members and has created family trees for newborns, but is dismayed no one else in her family is very interested. 

When not doing genealogy, Rose enjoys European travel and has had the opportunity to visit her father’s birthplace in Sicily and the church in County Clare, Ireland, where her 2nd great grandparents were married. She is currently on the board of the DuPage County Genealogical Society where she is Web Coordinator and 2016 Conference Chair. In her “spare” time Rose is an adjunct faculty member in the College of DuPage’s Life Long Learning program.


Michelle Bray Wilson

member since: 9 Nov 2007
Membership Chair (2015-present)
DNA Special Interest Group Co-Leader (2015-present)
Newsletter Editor (2014)
Past President (2014-present)
Family Tree Maker SIG Co-Leader (2014)
President (2010-2013)
Policies and Procedures Committee Member (2012-present)
Program Committee Member (2011-present)
Secretary (2008-2009)

Contact: membership @ caggni.org

Michelle began her genealogical quest in 2007 when her Dad gave her an old family tree. She felt the need to authenticate it. Seven years later, she’s still working the task, but nevertheless, she’s embraced genealogy with a passion. Michelle specializes in French-Canadians and genetic genealogy and is now branching out into Slovakia.

She is a CAGGNI Past President. When she’s not doing genealogy, Michelle is a biotech engineer in the Chicagoland area.


Nancy I.Z. Reese

member since: 28 Jul 2012
Website Content Director (2016-present)

Contact: webmaster @ caggni.org

Nancy began her search in 2000 for her ancestors, most of whom arrived in the U.S. before the Civil War. She has researched in archives and libraries across the U.S. and will never forget finding the obituary of her great-great-great grandmother, who died in Oregon, in a small town library in Indiana.

She retired in 2012 after 32 years with the Chicago Tribune. She now volunteers at the Mount Prospect Historical Society and the Mount Prospect Public Library in its genealogy department. She is also president of the Garden Club of Mount Prospect. Nancy has served on the newsletter committee, the road trip committee and as the coordinator of the CAGGNI surnames page on the website. She and her husband, John, a golf professional, enjoy antiquing in their spare time.

Gail Santroch

member since: 16 May 2008
GeneaQuest Conference Chair (2015-present)

Contact: geneaquest @ caggni.org

Gail began her research in 1981 after cleaning out her aunt’s house in Wisconsin which was built by her grandfather in the 1920s. She found old letters, photos, a domed trunk, two 1917 calendar pages, an 1808 Czech Bible, just to name a few treasures. She has traveled to ancestral homelands in Germany, Poland, and Czech Republic. Gail chaired a genealogy SIG for Mac users for over 10 years, as well as serving 20 years on the Board of the Chicago Genealogical Society. She retired in 2014 from the Carol Stream Public Library, and now serves as secretary of her homeowners association.

Marti Gustafson                                          

member since:
Road Trip Chair (2016-present)

Contact:  RoadTripChair @ caggni.org



2016 Special Interest Group Leaders


Nancy R. Thomas 

member since: 1 Aug 2007
Family Tree Maker Special Interest Group (FTM SIG) Leader

Contact:  ftm @ caggni.org

See Nancy's bio above.

Larry Olson

member since: 31 Dec 1994
RM+TMG Special Interest Group Leader (2015-present)

Contact:  tmg @ caggni.org

See Larry's bio above.


Bruce Christopher

member since: 19 Jan 2013
Reunion for the Mac Special Interest Group (Reunion SIG) Leader (2015-present)

Contact:  reunion @ caggni.org

Bruce started studying his family tree in high school and can even say he started using computers in this hobby as early as 1972, though in a very limited way. His areas of research include Scandinavia, British Isles, Canada and Colonial America. Since 2011, he has participated in DNA testing. 

Bruce joined CAGGNI in January 2013, becoming the Reunion SIG leader effective January 2015. He has been a user of Reunion for Macintosh since at least 1998 and has used it to build a fairly large family tree and publish it online with photos and source citations.

Alan and Michelle Wilson   

members since: 9 Nov 2007
DNA Special Interest Group Leaders (2015-present)

Contact: dna @ caggni.org

Al and Michelle are long-time CAGGNI members. Michelle has lectured on DNA for CAGGNI and for the French-Canadian Genealogists of Wisconsin, at GeneaQuest and at the North Suburban Genealogical Society. Al is the former FTM SIG lead. He also produced most of the 2014 CAGGNI newsletters while Michelle chaired. Al and Michelle together administer about a dozen DNA test kits at all three of the main companies. They are members of ISOGG.


Marti Swanson

member since: 2009
Storyteller's Workshop Leader (2015-present)

Contact:  storyteller@caggni.org

Marti is a retired English teacher who's active in retired teachers' activities on the local, regional and state level. She belongs to several genealogical societies, both county-based and surname-based, and publishes a newsletter for one surname. She has a 5-acre natural yard featuring close to 100 kinds of wildflowers, lots of oaks and hickories and two ponds. She has 3 children, 4 grands, 3 greats and 2 English springers.

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